interface PolicyProviderInterface

Interface for DIC extensions which provide policies to be exposed for permissions in the Repository.

Each policy provider provides a collection of permission "modules". Each module can provide "functions". E.g. "content/read": "content" is the module, "read" is the function.

Each function can provide a collection of limitations. These need to be implemented as "limitation types" and declared as services with "ezpublish.limitationType" service tag. Limitation types also provide value objects based on \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\User\Limitation abstract class.


array addPolicies(ConfigBuilderInterface $configBuilder)

Adds policies configuration hash to $configBuilder.


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public array addPolicies(ConfigBuilderInterface $configBuilder)

Adds policies configuration hash to $configBuilder.

Policies configuration hash contains declared modules, functions and limitations. First level key is the module name, value is a hash of available functions, with function name as key. Function value is an array of available limitations, identified by the alias declared in LimitationType service tag. If no limitation is provided, value can be null.


php [ "content" => [ "read" => ["Class", "ParentClass", "Node", "Language"], "edit" => ["Class", "ParentClass", "Language"] ], "custom_module" => [ "custom_function_1" => null, "custom_function_2" => ["CustomLimitation"] ], ]

Equivalent in YAML:

```yaml content: read: [Class, ParentClass, Node, Language] edit: [Class, ParentClass, Language] # ...

custommodule: customfunction1: ~ customfunction_2: [CustomLimitation] ```


ConfigBuilderInterface $configBuilder

Return Value