CriterionVisitor Visits the criterion tree into a hash representation of Elasticsearch query/filter AST.
CriterionVisitorDispatcher Dispatches Criterion objects to a visitor depending on the query context.
Document Describes a document to be indexed in Elasticsearch index storage.
Extractor Abstract implementation of Search Extractor, which extracts search result from the data returned by Elasticsearch index.
FacetBuilderVisitor Visits the facet builder tree into a hash representation of Elasticsearch aggregations.
Gateway The Gateway provides the implementation to retrieve the desired documents from Elasticsearch index storage.
Serializer Serializer serializes a Document to a string that can be passed over Elasticsearch REST API.
SortClauseVisitor Visits the sort clause into a hash representation of Elasticsearch sort.


MapperInterface Mapper maps Content and Location objects to a Document object, representing a document in Elasticsearch index storage.