class ContentInfo extends ValueObject

This class provides all version independent information of the content object.

It is similar to {@link \eZ\Publish\API\Repository\Values\Content\ContentInfo}, but for the persistence layer. Thus it only contains raw data.






mixed $id Content's unique ID.
string $name Computed name (via name schema) in the main language.
int $contentTypeId Content type Id.
int $sectionId Section id the content is assigned to.
int $currentVersionNo Version number of the current published version.
bool $isPublished Flag indicating if content is currently published.
int $ownerId Content owner's id.
int $modificationDate Content modification date, as a UNIX timestamp.
int $publicationDate Content publication date, as a UNIX timestamp.
bool $alwaysAvailable Indicates if the content is shown in the main language if its not present in an other requested language.
string $remoteId Remote identifier used as a custom identifier for the object.
string $mainLanguageCode The main language code of the content.
mixed $mainLocationId Identifier of the main location.